Compelling Storytelling
with Video

Creative and well produced video is the most influential and authoritative form
of meaningful communication that delivers high visual impact and viewer retention.

Creative video production is our passion. And it has been for over 30 years. We love to collaborate with our clients to develop stories. Our projects range from small to very large. Whether you are a Small or Mid-Size Business (SMB), or a large Corporation, we’ve done it all.

Our clients include small business, television networks, all levels of government and corporations. We’ve worked on literally 1000’s of film locations to bring stories to life including commercials, documentaries and company profiles for Marketing, Public Education and Training. Our team has developed stories about agriculture, electricity, nuclear energy, health, manufacturing, economic development and tourism… just to name a few.

Take advantage of our decades of broadcast production experience. This means your video will be of the highest HD television quality whether it’s created for television or online dissemination.

Small or large projects… We love what we do as creative video producers … and we’re good at it!

Stories about agriculture

Bringing Stories to Life

Why Video?

Video delights eyes and ears, inspires minds, sets fire to hearts. It earns you your audience’s trust and loyalty in ways that text can never do. That’s why it�s the ideal medium to tell your story. And we’re the ideal agency to bring it to life. Why? We’ve spent over 30 years perfecting our craft, beginning in network television and commercials, expanding into documentaries, and delving into industries like economic development, tourism, energy, technology, agriculture, and health. No project or business is too small or too big. Your compelling story is just waiting to be told.

Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

Documentary in Production


Let’s get together and talk … no initial cost to you.

We’ll listen while you explain what you want to tell your audience. 

Then, we’ll collaborate with you to develop your story theme, essential messages and creative treatment.

We invite your input as we develope the script, pre-production planning, shooting and the post production stage.

We deliver on time and on budget.

Planning Session

Creative Meeting with Client

About Paul Stiles

Paul Stiles is a seasoned director and cinematographer who has produced numerous video projects for over 30 years. Having worked in the television industry for many years, Paul has gained experience in network broadcast and corporate video production where he deploys the latest HD technologies.

Stiles Creative business relationship with clients is very important to us. Our team enjoys collaborating with you, ultimately ensuring the success of your projects. We view each project as the beginning of a long-term partnership.

Paul Stiles Producer Director

Paul Stiles – Producer, Director

Our Team

Our team has a variety of relevant, up to date experience in writing, development and production, together with the creative know-how and ability to tell stories.

All our projects are produced employing our professional broadcast grade HD digital camera equipment, resulting is pristine, film style quality imaging where each frame tells its own story.

We own all of our facilities including cameras, lighting, audio, grip and support gear for studio and location production. Postproduction editing, 3D animation, voice track recording and audio effects are produced and completed with our own HD digital edit systems.

Our tech savvy team

Our Savvy Creative Team